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Unless otherwise noted, the biographies were written by Tejwan Pettinger.

https://world-biography.info/ was founded on April 8, 2006.

About Tejvan Pettinger

I was born in Runnymede, London, United Kingdom, in 1976. I went to Menston Primary School and Bradford Grammar School.

At university I studied Politics, Philosophy, Economics (PPE) (2:1) at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford. During my studies I specialized in the following areas:

  • British social history since 1870.
  • International relations between the two world wars.
  • Political Philosophy.
  • Development Economics.

I am currently living in Oxford. I teach economics part-time.

I started the site because:

  • I have always been interested in learning about people.
  • I am interested in history, especially modern history.
  • I wanted to have an income in addition to my economics teaching so I could devote more time to cyclical training.
  • I like learning about inspiring new people from history. For example, Witold Pilecki and Chiune Sugihara, from the book Heroes of World War II.
  • I have always been interested in issues such as human rights, religious tolerance, inspirational people, human rights history in quotes.
  • I am interested in picking out my favorite works of art, the greatest scientists.

Note on images: The site uses images of people. They are usually taken from Wiki Commons, which is a great source for finding images in the public domain. Sometimes small, low-resolution images of dead people are used, according to the “fair use” clause. Please note: I do not own the copyrights to the images of people.

Biographies written by site contributors are allowed to be used on their own sites, provided you provide an active hyperlink to the original page at https://world-biography.info/

The articles are authored by Tejwan Pettinger, unless otherwise noted.

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