Wilma Rudolph Biography

We Got Game! 35 Female Athletes Who Changed the World (2021) is a lively book in which Wilma Rudolph shares the spotlight with a slew of other trailblazing athletes.

From the publisher: Inspire kids to be their best selves and get involved in social change with this stunning anthology about thirty-five amazing women in sports around the world and throughout history. Illustrated by Sarah Green. This excerpt is from the book’s section on Wilma Rudolph:

“Even as a heroine, Wilma faced racism. The press reported her wins using racist terms and stereotypes. When her hometown set up a parade in her honor, she refused to attend because it was segregated. With her insistence, local officials finally agreed that everyone could celebrate together. It became the first integrated event in her town.

When she retired at the age of twenty-two, Wilma became a school teacher. She spent the rest of her life protesting and fighting to end segregation laws. She also founded the Wilma Rudolph Foundation, which helped support underserved athletes throughout the United States. Wilma died of cancer at the age of fifty-four. This trailblazing athlete will always be known for defying the the odds, fighting racism, and inspiring others to stand up for what’s right.”

For ages 8 to 12.

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